FabLab Bremen e.V.

The Idea

The FabLab Bremen is a creative environment that on the one hand encourages learning and experimentation and on the other hand enables the professional implementation of one’s own ideas. In this high-tech workshop, different actors from various disciplines meet in one central location.

Our focus is on digital media and manufacturing technologies and is particularly aimed at

  • the qualification of junior staff
  • the promotion of media competence
  • arousing interest in technical and creative professions and new technologies

The FabLab Bremen is a place where pupils, students, teachers and researchers can find opportunities to develop their skills and creativity and experiment with different technologies and materials. It provides insights into the processes of creation and functioning of technology and creates conditions for a transdisciplinary and intergenerational transfer of knowledge and technology. Through close cooperation with the University of Bremen, research activities are transferred to the urban space, opportunities for participation in current research are initiated, and an exchange of knowledge is made possible.

The laboratory sees itself as a cultural institution that seeks cooperation with educational and research institutions, companies from the (creative) economy and institutions from the cultural sector in the form of workshops and projects. In the area of tension between technology, art, design and society, the institution plays a mediating and networking role.

The decision to set up a FabLab as an extracurricular learning environment in the immediate vicinity of the Sportgarten Bremen e. V. is intended to address the different interests of young people and use them as a catalyst for their creative work.

Furthermore, the FabLab is accessible to citizens as well as resident companies from the (creative) economy. It offers various means of production for the realization of one’s own projects and, in return, users make their production knowledge available to the Bremen FabLab community.

For members and non-commercial purposes, the use of the lab and their machines is available on „Open Lab Days“.

Become a Member

You want to use the Lab regularly, realize your ideas, work with the 3D printer, the laser cutter etc.?

Then you can find the application for active membership in the FabLab here. Just download the application and send it back to us filled and signed:

Application for Membership (PDF)

Companies and institutes can also become members. The board of directors (vorstand(at)fablab-bremen.org) will be happy to help you. Get in touch with us – perhaps also in the context of a guided tour through the laboratory?

Membership application for institutions (PDF)

FabLab Bremen e.V. is a non-profit association that makes a high-tech workshop accessible to the general public and makes Bremen even more interesting as a business location through its diverse range of activities. As a supporter of the association you invest in the sustainability of these offers and show yourself in the trend by supporting innovative technologies.

To support the association through a sponsoring membership, please download the application below, fill it out, sign it and send it back to us.

Applications for supporting membership (PDF)